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Welcome to our Wavy Days and Sundaes storefront, and thank you for your interest in our products!

Our main site, Wavy Days and Sundaes, is a blog about everything travel, from horseback to airplanes. We share our experiences with the purpose of introducing others to the many spectacular places to visit, how to maximize their experiences while saving money, and offering a variety of tips.

One of our most favorite travel topics is traveling with dogs, our four-legged family members. Questions arise as to what to pack, what vaccinations are needed, accommodations, and what special gear or dog wear is a necessity.

In our search for quality dog wear, including accessories, we found a variety of exquisite quality dog collars we wanted to share with our fans.

Our storefront is designed to share those collections meeting stringent guidelines, so we are very proud to share our favorites with you here, with a Western flair.

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